After a series of planning meetings among the four (4) founding members and with input from key persons involved in the sector, BREA came up with a set of objectives listed below:

  • To create an awareness among the population and to encourage the adoption of best practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology;
  • To assist the Government of Barbados in accomplishing the implementation of its policies, as outlined in the Sustainable Energy Framework (SEF);
  • To serve as a national registry for Alternative Energy systems on the island;
  • To foster the creation of “green” jobs and entrepreneurial development; To promote the foremost promoters of a sustainable economy through energy conservation and the cost-effective use of renewable energy in an environmentally and socio-economically acceptable manner, such that every institution in Barbados will have access to some form of alternative energy, whether directly or indirectly by the year 2020;
  • To foster the creation of a Caribbean Renewable Energy Association so that the energy interest of CARICOM governments will be enhanced.